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Link Windows and SharePoint documents to SyteLine


Automated, rules-based document attachments


Link documents with Drag & Drop simplicity, including emails


Document traceability


The turbocharged pace of just-in-time manufacturing demands the kind of rapid, perfectly synchronized access to information that paper documentation just can’t meet. That’s where Doc-Trak comes in.

  • Reduce the delays, confusion, and errors paper documentation brings to your work process.

  • Cut down on your environmental footprint and eliminate the costs of storing and managing paper documentation.

  • Enable the agility you need to respond to rapidly changing business conditions and seize new opportunities.

  • Link documents in Doc-Trak by specifying the location of the document in an ordinary web browser or file manager.

  • Take advantage of automated, rules-based attachments in Doc-Trak that can intelligently link your documents and folders.

  • Find any document instantly by letting Doc-Trak electronically archive any customer or vendor form that you used to print on your network, and link it back to the point of origin in SyteLine.
  • Link emails, email attachments, and other Windows documents by simply dragging and dropping them into Doc-Trak.

  • Bundle or merge documents together with SyteLine forms — including purchase orders and order verifications — to provide all documentation you need to ensure accuracy with your vendors and customers.

  • Archive SyteLine forms and scanned documents based upon your own rules by document type that define where individual documents are stored on your network and how they are named.

  • Ensure document traceability when you, your customers, or your suppliers require material certification document tracking throughout the use and genealogy of materials.

Integrate Doc-Trak with Shop-Trak

When you integrate Doc-Trak with Shop-Trak, workers on your shop floor will have complete, real-time information about all assigned work. Integrate powerful document management capabilities with the unparalleled flexibility of Shop-Trak manufacturing execution software.

  • Instantly view or print the documents employees need to complete their work without ever leaving their workstation.

  • Keep drawings, schedules, quality specifications, and manufacturing notes at every shop employee’s fingertips.

  • Create and distribute paperwork faster and more efficiently. Doc-Trak can prevent the confusion caused by having employees work from outdated versions of drawings or specifications.

  • Take digital pictures and videos on the shop floor of quality issues or products as they are ready to ship to customers. Upload those images directly to SyteLine from Shop-Trak.
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Doc-Trak is used in multiple industries to streamline manufacturing processes:

Industrial Machinery
Metal Fabrication
Contract and Precision Matching
Defense and Medical Equipment
  • Accurate costing
  • Eliminate job packets
  • Multi-year double digit revenue and profit growth with fewer staff, no inventory increases, no additional outsourcing, no facility or machinery changes
  • Greater throughput

  • Greater quality
  • Shorter lead-time
  • Exceed previous maximum output
  • Increase people and machinery efficiency and utilization
  • Automated DoD/IP document security
  • Greater worker acceptance
  • Shorter lead-time
  • Simplicity built in
  • Reduced training requirements
  • Better data for better reporting and analysis
  • Documented procedures to maintain consistency and reduce onboarding cost/time
  • Grow revenue while flatlining or reducing operational and inventory costs
  • Monitor back-office efficiency and ability to handle growth
  • Methodology to find and resolve operational obstacles throughout the organization
  • Manage cross-location sourcing of parts and assemblies


Supported Roles

Doc-Trak supports users across your entire manufacturing enterprise:

  • Easier, accurate product costing
  • Confidence in balance sheet, inventory, account balances
  • Reduce overhead allocations through greater utilization of people and machinery
  • Quickly make a delivery promise with confidence it will be met
  • Fewer customer interruptions
  • Rapid order tracking, including in the shop
  • Unique document delivery processing with no baby-sitting the process

  • Accurate inventory 
  • Uniquely designed cycle counting process
  • Lot/Serial tracking
  • Optimized operating procedures specific to the need
  • High speed processing 
  • Middle-of-the-day processing to respond to new orders
  • Accurate and real-time partial and full work completions
  • Statistical analysis of utilizations and efficiencies to improve work scheduling and material requirements
  • Optimized operating procedures specific to the need
  • Purchasing
  • Job Costing
  • Work Dispatching
  • Service & Repair


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