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Trak-Suite: Ensuring Punctuality Every Time

Trak-Suite: Ensuring Punctuality Every Time

Trak-Suite: Ensuring Punctuality Every Time



Consistently delivering on promises and providing on-time shipping is crucial for maintaining the trust of your customers and achieving a competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry. Trak-Suite’s advanced solutions help your teams streamline back office processes and production to make sure that punctuality isn't just hoped for. It's guaranteed. 

With Trak-Suite, keeping your deliveries punctual is more than just a perk of a streamlined manufacturing process – it’s an important end goal. Building trust through consistently delivering on promises provides many benefits to manufacturing companies. 


  1. Customer Retention: The reliability of on-time deliveries significantly boosts customer satisfaction and leads to repeat business.   Reliability is supported by the robust tracking and notification systems provided by Shop-Trak, Doc-Trak, Fact-Trak, and Beacon-Trak. 

  2. Revenue Growth: The direct correlation between on-time delivery and customer retention significantly impacts revenue. Fostering long-term customer relationships provides you consistent topline savings because the cost to retain customers is far lower than the cost to acquire them.

  3. Efficiency and Scalability: The automation and optimization of manufacturing processes help businesses reduce overhead costs and prioritize efficiency. Shop-Trak (MES) supports these processes by allowing manufacturers to scale operations more easily and efficiently.

  4. Market Competitiveness and Sustainability: Efficient manufacturing practices position a company well above its competitors with high-quality, timely deliveries. Efficiency contributes to sustainability by reducing carbon footprints and minimizing waste.


Keep Production on Track with Trak-Suite  

Companies face many challenges when it comes to punctuality, including poor prioritization and time lost to painstaking problem solving. Trak-Suite assists employees and managers with tracking and automation features that reduce wasted time and support on-time deliveries. 


Advanced Tracking with Shop-Trak (MES)  

By leveraging the schedule created by Infor SyteLine’s APS functionality, Shop-Trak provides each worker with a prioritized list of tasks to perform. Taking the guesswork out of workflows allows shop floor workers to meet production expectations according to an optimized plan, thereby providing timely deliveries.


Automated Notifications through Beacon-Trak 

Beacon-Trak gives shop floor managers the information they need to respond quickly and proactively to issues as they arise, no matter where they are on the floor. As a manager gets within range of a machine or work center, Beacon-Trak locks in on it. The manager is then provided with all the information they need to collaborate with the operator and keep production on schedule.

For instance, when a manager can see what is happening in real time at a specific workcenter without having to search for the salient data, they can quickly help a machine operator catch up after unplanned downtime, no matter the cause. 


Trak-Suite: Integration Technologies That Deliver 

Maintaining consistent punctuality in production and delivery is an enormous undertaking. Trak-Suite makes nearly all the tasks associated with production easier.


  • Kanban Replenishment Capabilities

Shop-Trak saves purchasing teams the time and effort of tracking fast-moving parts, whether purchased or manufactured. It allows a visual replenishment method for managing stock, saving time on validating quantities and creating purchase orders.

  • Shop-Trak Integration to Doc-Trak 

Drawings, work instructions, and other important manufacturing information can change instantly. With Shop-Trak’s integration to Doc-Trak, drawing revisions hit the shop floor instantly without user intervention. Keeping every production stakeholder immediately informed of changes reduces the need to recover from unplanned scrap or rework.

  • Doc-Trak Work Instructions

Shop floor managers can see if technicians have read and acknowledged work instructions without the need to be on the floor or seek individual verbal confirmations. Managers see updates instantly on their dashboard, preventing mistakes and allowing efficient management without constant floor presence.

  • Shop-Trak Integration to Fact-Trak

Information from Shop-Trak on production scheduling and new jobs is quickly processed by Fact-Trak. Integrating machinery with Shop-Trak's machine monitoring software opens a new world of instant production awareness, ensuring manufacturing meets expectations for on-time delivery.


Take Advantage of Operational WhiteSpace™ 

Operational WhiteSpace™ refers to areas within the manufacturing and logistical processes where resources such as time, manpower, and technology are not fully optimized for efficiency. By leveraging advanced tracking and automated notification systems, businesses can streamline these areas. Trak-Suite solutions help you take full advantage of and generate maximum WhiteSpace™.


Optimizing Logistical Efficiency

Advanced tracking and automated notification systems help manufacturers utilize their logistical capacity better. By identifying and filling in the gaps of the manufacturing process, more WhiteSpace™ can be found and redirected to underserved areas of manufacturing. 


Reducing Idle Time

Non-Value-Added (NVA) activities often manifest as idle time where machines, personnel, or resources are waiting for instructions rather than delivering value. Implementing Shop-Trak (MES) and Beacon-Trak reduces these idle periods by engaging supply chain elements only when needed, reducing unnecessary resource consumption, and increasing throughput.


Enhancing Resource Allocation

Shop-Trak and Fact-Trak integration allows better allocation of resources based on real-time needs. This strategic allocation maximizes WhiteSpace™ by redirecting resources to crucial points in the supply chain, maximizing their usage and efficiency.


Sustainability and Reduced Waste

Efficiently managing production to meet shipping schedules promises timely deliveries and contributes to environmental sustainability. Leveraging WhiteSpace™ can reduce carbon emissions associated with wasted journeys by prioritizing minimal waste throughout every operational and delivery element.


Final Thoughts

Consistently delivering on promises and ensuring on-time shipping are vital elements of maintaining customer trust and achieving a competitive edge in the manufacturing industry. Advanced Trak-Suite solutions like Shop-Trak, Doc-Trak, Fact-Trak, and Beacon-Trak streamline production and back office processes, making punctuality a guaranteed outcome rather than a hopeful goal. 

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